Benefits & Advantages

Travel the world visa-free

Passport holders from certain countries require visas to travel and often find it difficult to finalize lengthy visa applications. Avoid this tedious process and acquire a second passport that offers strong global mobility and endless benefits.

Your family’s future is safe

A second citizenship can certainly be lifesaving especially if you come from a war-torn nation or a country with political turmoil. This investment is a durable and reliable solution providing you and your family with a safe future and an irrevocable passport.

Enjoy better financial flexibility & planning

Investing in a second citizenship allows you to benefit from your income and assets to the greatest extent possible with better tax plans and opportunities to easily launch companies and open bank accounts. This option can be particularly beneficial for global entrepreneurs or affluent businessmen as it gives them much-needed flexibility and control over their wealth.

High standard of living, education, & health services

With a second citizenship, you can now easily gain access to better education, employment, and exposure than with your current passport. This alternative passport will shield you from all political turmoil in your country of origin and provide you with an overall enhanced quality of life.

Citizenship by Investment

A second citizenship allows you and your family to travel the world without a visa or with a visa upon arrival. You can expand your business opportunities and enjoy the same benefits as regular citizens, including better tax planning, excellent healthcare, and renowned education systems.


Residency by Investment

With a residency program, you will have the flexibility of emigrating to the country should you like to, without the need to relocate to obtain that residency. These programs offer you great international mobility with easy travel to the EU and Schengen area. With time, if you and your family become permanent residents, you may be able to apply for citizenship depending on the law.


1. Application

Completion of initial background check, signature of client agreement , and payment of retainer. Completion of application and document collection.

2. Submission

Verification of application and documents by authorized agent and submission to the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) of the government.

3. Due Diligence

Thorough due diligence is undertaken for an approximate period of 3 months. Application is presented to the Board for a decision.

4. Decision

Government decision is received, and qualifying funds are collected by the government.

5. Registration

Issuance and signature of the Certificate of Registration.

6. Passport

Issuance of passport by the Immigration Department.