Our Story

PWRPAS is an advisory firm with extensive experience in assisting clients from different backgrounds and nationalities, with the process of acquiring second citizenship through fast and easy investment programs. Every year, we strive to provide our clients with curated advice and expertise to help them travel the world visa-free and enjoy a better quality of life.

Through our strong credentials and accreditations from different Governments, our skilled team ensures a smooth process and provides an excellent support to help our clients become global citizens and unlock golden opportunities. Our attention to detail has made us earn our clients’ full trust and achieve a zero percent rejection rate on processed applications.

At PWRPAS, we believe that second citizenship is not merely a luxury; it is an essential tool used to protect your  loved ones and open doors that were once inaccessible.

Lea Abi Nakhoul

Our Principles

At PWRPAS, we place particular emphasis on quality consultancy and use a tailored approach to maintain our success rate and satisfy our clients’ expectations. We are strongly guided by four fundamental principles as the basis of our work:

  • Transparency

    To offer our services only if we can be of genuine assistance, and provide our clients with a highly professional and personal service.

  • Efficiency

    To find the best solutions through a rigorous efficient approach and extensive updated knowledge.

  • Integrity

    To base our business on honesty, integrity, and the highest ethical standards.

  • Accountability

    To act in the client’s best interest while always complying with government regulations.

Our Services

PWRPAS has years of extensive experience in helping successful people gain powerful citizenship and second passports in the Caribbean and in Europe. We always make sure to leave a positive impact on the life of everyone we engage with, to help our clients acquire citizenship through investment, avail global reach, and become global citizens.

Find the right program

At PWRPAS, we offer customized services to our clients along with solutions that meet the needs of their families, business, and personal preferences. By understanding our client’s request, we provide accurate information, discuss all the options, weigh and assess their profile, and help them make an informed decision. Through close coordination with our global partners, we provide our clients with well-researched market intelligence, information, support, and connections needed to become global citizens.

Undergo Preliminary background check

All our potential applicants carefully undergo a due diligence process before starting the application, and complete a uniform disclosure form for better guidance and utmost service. In order to serve our client’s best interest, we may in some cases advise our clients not to apply if there is any risk of rejection.

Enjoy hassle-free processing

Our dedicated team takes care of the entire process, from ensuring that the paperwork is error-free, meeting with the client for due diligence to personally handing over the passport at the end of the process. We have extensive experience working with a broad range of client profiles and nationalities and guarantee a smooth application process.

Long-term valuable relationship

Throughout the years, we have watched our clients’ lives change and provided assistance far beyond the submission of the application. Our services encompass renewing passports, adding new children or spouses according to each country’s requirements, and providing additional documents such as identification and police records.